Similarity-Plagiarism Policy

  • It is the author(s)' responsibility to ascertain that s/he has submitted an entirely original work, giving due credit, by virtue of proper citations, to the works and/or words of others where they have been used.
  • Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behaviour and is not acceptable by LASSIJ.
  • Material quoted verbatim from the author(s)' previously published work or other sources must be placed in quotation marks and be properly cited.
  • In case the manuscript has a similarity index of more than 10%, it will either be rejected or left at the discretion of the Editorial Board for the purposes of a conditional acceptance.
  • The authors are required to declare in the author agreement form that the similarity index is less than 10%.
  • The relevant members of the editorial team routinely screen all submitted articles through turnitin for similarity index and palgiarism.