Article Processing Charge

There is no fast track option for review and production services of an article. However, the accelerated process may take 2-3 months for publication of an article. Acceptance of an article is based on the editorial considerations, an independent peer review, and ensuring that the highest standards are maintained. Like other Open Access Journals, LASSIJ-IDEA charges an Article Processing Charge (APC) as follows:

1. Exemptions and Discounts:

All authors including principal, corresponding and co-authors can claim the exemption or discount, if eligible as follows:

1.1. Foreign Authors (Foreigners & Pakistani Nationals)

a). Foreign nationals/permanent residents (faculty, researchers, & students) from the developed and developing countries are exempted (100% discount).

b). Pakistani nationals employeed abroad as faculty, research fellows or studying as PhD/MPhil/MS/Master students are exempted (100% discount).

1.2. Local Authors (QS Ranking Pakistani Universities)

Authors who are working as Faculty/Research Fellows (PhDs only) the QS Ranking Pakistani Universities:

a). Top 301-400 are granted 80% discount.

b). Top 401-500 are granted 70% discount.

c). Top 601-700 are granted 60% discount.

d). Top 801- 1000 are granted 50% discount.

1.3. Local Authors (QS Ranking top 1-1000 World/Pakistani Universities)

Authors who (i) have obtained PhD/Postdoc from; (ii) are PhD/MPhil/MS Scholars in the QS Ranking World/Pakistani Universities:

a). Top 50 are granted 80% discount.

b. Top 51-100 are granted 75% discount.

c). Top 101-200 are granted 70% discount.

d). Top 201-300 are granted 65% discount.

e). Top 301-400 are granted 60% discount.

f). Top 401-500 are granted 55% discount.

g). Top 501-600 are granted 50% discount.

h). Top 601-700 are granted 45% discount.

i). Top 701-800 are granted 40% discount.

j). Top 801-1000 are granted 35% discount.

1.4. Local Authors (faculty, researchers & scholars) who have obtained:

i). PhD/Postdoc from non-QS ranking foreign universities (other than top 1000 QS Ranking) are granted 30% discount.

ii). HEC-IRSIP Fellowship are granted 25% discount.

iii). HEC-Indigenous PhD Scholarship are granted 20% discount.

iv). Any other PhD Scholarship (merit based) are granted 15% discount.

v). A Gold Medal during university education are granted 10% discount.

1.5. Local Authors (Senior Faculty/Researchers) with post PhD experience: 

a). 18 years or more are granted 50% discount.

b). 16 years or more are granted 45% discount.

c). 14 years or more are granted 40% discount.

d). 12 years or more are granted 35% discount.

e). 10 year or more are granted 30% discount.

f). 08 year or more are granted 25% discount.

g). 06 year or more are granted 20% discount.

h). 04 years or more are granted 15% discount.

i).  02 years or more are granted 10% discount.

1.6. Special Discounts (Merit-cum-Need based)

a). Author of foreign/international articles (i.e. a topic other than Pakistan) are granted 35% discount per author (applicable to all authors).

b). Special/differently-abled persons (female authors) are granted 30% discount.

c). Special/differently-abled persons (male authors) are granted 25% discount.

d). Female Authors from erstwhile FATA, Balochistan, Rural Sindh and South Punjab are granted 20% discount.

e). Authors (males) from erstwhile FATA, Balochistan, Rural Sindh and South Punjab are granted 15% discount.

f). Female Authors are granted 10% discount, if not eligible for any other discount.

Note: An author can claim only one type of exemption/discount per article.

2. Article Processing Charge (Publication Fee):

a): An article is charged at PKR. 40,000 after the peer-review process and acceptance (discounts apply).

b): An article with two or more authors/co-authors is charged at PKR. 30,000 per author/co-author (discounts apply).

3. Article Processing Charge Explained:

We are committed to making the costs of publishing as clear as possible. So, the article processing charge covers the costs of turning a manuscript into a finished article, as well as the costs of hosting, distributing and promoting an article. 

When a manuscript is submitted, it passes through the many different departments at LASSIJ-IDEA to ensure the quality checks, peer review, production and promotion of articles is carried out in a timely manner and to a high standard:

  • The Editorial Screening team, who perform initial technical and ethical checks.
  • The Editorial team, who help the journal's Academic Editors manage the review process.
  • The Production team, who convert the manuscript to a professionally typeset article.
  • The Proofing team, who coordinate the proofing process.
  • The Editorial Quality Assurance team, who perform a final check to ensure that the manuscript and its review process adhere to the journal's guidelines and policies.
  • The Marketing and Communication team, who ensure your article receives the attention it deserves.
  • The Technology team, who build and maintain our systems, and develop new systems.

The work these teams do contribute to the requirement of an APC and that is why the actual amount payable may vary with the passage of time. 

There is no charge for using the review and production services if the paper is rejected. However, due to the costs incurred, LASSIJ-IDEA reserves the right to a partial charge of the publication fee if the author withdraws the paper.

Last updated: February 01, 2021