Complaints & Appeals

Nature and Procedure of Complaints

In case of any of the following complaints, LASSIJ-IDEA shall acknowledge the receipt of complaint and shall initiate investigation in line with relevant guidance from the written policies and procedures of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), where applicable.

1. Allegations of Misconduct: In case of allegation(s) of misconduct such as plagiarism, falsification of data, fabrication of data, the aggrieved party may launch a formal complaint to the Editor.

2. General Complaint: Any perosn may contact LASSIJ-IDEA with a detailed written description of the concern, and information supporting the concern, at

Appealing the Publication Decision

The Editor-in-Chief has full discretion to determine at any stage whether a manuscript is an appropriate fit for LASSIJ-IDEA. LASSIJ-IDEA believes that the manuscripts shall not be declined without a proper statement of the rejection decision.

The decisions of the Editors are not eligible for a formal appeal unless the author(s) believe that the decision of manuscript rejection is based on an error in the review of the manuscript. In such case, the author may file a formal appeal against the decision of rejection. However, the author needs to provide a written statement with detailed description of the error which they believe has occurred and affected the review process.

In case an author believes the decision of rejection regarding the manuscript has been affected by a publication ethics breach, the author may contact LASSIJ-IDEA with a detailed written description of the concern along with the information supporting the concern.