Sustainable Consumption and Production: An Analysis of Implementation of Pakistan’s Policy Framework of SDG-12




Environmental Protection, SDGs, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Consumption, Sustainable Production, National Action Plan


The sustainable consumption and production is crucially relevant for Pakistan, given the massive degradation and depletion of natural resources due to the population explosion – and agricultural and industrial development pursued without regard for environmental sustainability. Freshwater availability has declined and quality of drinking water has deteriorated, leading to increase in water-borne diseases. The decaying water infrastructure results in a 40pc water loss in conveyance from dams to farms, for agricultural development. Industrial, agricultural, and household chemicals are freely imported and used without any regulatory system. Massive depletion of natural resources has meant the cutting of trees, resulting in increased timber imports. Pakistan National Action Plan (PNAP) was developed in May 2017 to achieve the sustainable goal particularly goal 12, which is about Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). This paper focuses on the ingenious activity and strategy devised in the PNAP for the preparedness, implementation and monitoring of the SDG-12, as National Developmental Agenda of Pakistan. Utilizing library research methods, the major material used for this research is qualitatively collected by analyzing the contents of documents. For primary data, government documents have been consulted. Whereas the secondary data has been collected from books and articles available on the theme.


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