Security Issues in Pakistan: Its Solution in the light of Seerah


  • Ahmad Hassan Khattak Department of Islamic Studies, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad Pakistan | Islamic Centre, Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Khalid Usman Khattak Military College of Engineering, National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan.
  • Shamsul Hussain Zaheer Department of Islamic Studies, University of Technology, Nowshera Pakistan.



Modern World, Lawlessness, Exploitation, Insecurity, Seerah, Peace, Conflict


Modern world is facing issues like poverty, starvation, pollution, exploitation of the poor, and the status of woman in society. However, the most prominent issue of the modern world is that of lawlessness and insecurity. It has become a kind of root cause for the rest of the allied issues, hence affecting the peace and prosperity across the globe. This paper discusses the said problems and gives a way forward for its solution in the light of the Seerah, the way, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) practiced his life. This is a qualitative and descriptive research in which the interpretations of Ahadith has been used as a tool for the analysis of this complex problem. At the end, suggestions have been given in the light of the analysis and discussion to conclude the study.


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Khattak, A. H., Khattak, K. U., & Zaheer, S. H. (2017). Security Issues in Pakistan: Its Solution in the light of Seerah. Liberal Arts and Social Sciences International Journal (LASSIJ), 1(2), 34–42.



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