Sino-African Relations: Economic Opportunities and Challenges for China


  • Sohail Ahmad Department of Humanities, International Relations Program, Comsats University, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Azka Gull International Relations Program, Department of Humanities, COMSATS University, Islamabad Pakistan.
  • Sehrish Irfan Department of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, COMSATS University, Islamabad Pakistan.



Sino-Africa Relations, Sino-African Relations, Economic Opportunities, Trade Relations, Economic Relations, FDIs, Chinese FDIs


Africa is known for its massive labour force and natural resources. In terms of economic growth, African countries have faced prolonged phases of economic crises. China is a significant contributor in Africa’s economic stability. This paper analyses and evaluates the current opportunities and challenges related to China’s engagements in Africa and its policies for triggering economic development in African countries. China’s comprehensive approach is more concentrated on the sustainable development of the domestic infrastructure and job creation for the Africa communities. But there exists a gap in the current Chinese policies that have deepened the concerns of the locals about economic growth and progress. China needs to develop policies that would be mutually beneficial, these policies must ensure economic stability, job creation and growth. Various ongoing development projects initiated by the Chinese have in fact created insecurities amongst the Africans. This anxiety among the locals have become a major hurdle for China’s plans in the continent. Ongoing Chinese policies need to be innovative along with the integration of modern economic models. A reform in the current policies would ensure maximum benefits for both economic partners.


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