Covid-19 Pandemic and its Politico-Economic Implications: A Study of Pakistan




COVID-19, Pandemic, Crisis Management, Political Impact of COVID-19, Economic Impact of COVID-19


Pakistan is one among the countries terribly affected by the novel contagious disease named “COVID-19”. The severe economic shortfall caused by the pandemic is likely to worsen the already frangible situation of political stability. A country of over 220 million people with a fragile democracy, brittle health system, and the sinking economy is vulnerable to the drastic politico-economic implications of COVID-19. Hence, the present study aims to analyze the politico-economic implications of this on-going pandemic for Pakistan. Mixed-method research design has been employed to investigate the research question, as the only quantitative or qualitative analysis was not much appropriate to develop a better understanding of the problem investigated in the study. The simultaneous application of both the numerical and opinion-based data provided a comprehensive framework to reach logical findings. The study concludes that the inadequate health facilities and less coordinated response, along with a substantial decline in GDP, will make the post-pandemic scenario more challenging and cumbersome. The study suggests an integrated and coordinated approach to cope with this deadly phenomenon presently and to minimize the unfavourable implications in the future.


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