Archiving & Repository Policy

LASSIJ's digital archiving policy guarantees that published scholarly content remains readily available to the academic community in the face of accidental data loss in our archival records. This is made possible through the robust systems integrated into the OJS:
PKP Preservation Network (PN)
The PKP Preservation Network (PN) is a valuable service of the PKP community. It offers free preservation services for any journal managed and operated through the Open Journal System (OJS). The PKP PN plugin for OJS 3 is easily accessible in the plugin gallery, and it's been activated for LASSIJ, ensuring that the scholarly content is part of this comprehensive preservation network.
Self-archiving (Repository Policy)
At LASSIJ, we encourage authors to take ownership of their work. Authors can deposit all versions of their manuscripts, including pre-prints, author's submitted manuscripts, accepted manuscripts, and published articles (version of record), in an institutional or subject repository with no embargo. This flexible self-archiving policy ensures the broadest possible dissemination of the published research.