About the Journal

Aim and Objective

LASSIJ-IDEA aims to publish original, innovative, and quality research in the disciplines of international studies, liberal studies, social sciences, administrative sciences, and allied fields. LASSIJ-IDEA provides a publication platform following an eminent standard of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research to national and international academics, researchers, scholars, and scientists worldwide. 

Scope and Thematic Focus

The primary scope of LASSIJ-IDEA is the disciplines of international studies, liberal studies and social sciences. The extended scope of LASSIJ-IDEA covers quality articles from allied fields of humanities studies and administrative studies. LASSIJ-IDEA believes that the inclusion of multiple fields and disciplines helps pool the knowledge from two or more fields of study to handle better-suited problems by finding solutions established on the new understandings.

Area/Regional Focus

LASSIJ-IDEA is an international journal with an area/region-wise focus on all continents. Therefore, we prioritise the manuscripts with an international focus or the comparative studies focusing on Pakistan and other countries/regions.

Publication Frequency

The frequency/schedule of publication of LASSIJ-IDEA is biannual/semi-annual (i.e. two issues per volume; the first issue is from January-June and the second from July-December of each calendar year). After the editorial review and peer-review process are completed, the accepted article is sent to the production team for editing and layouts. When finalised, a PDF of the galley is uploaded on the official website as a published version. All the published articles are gathered together into the journal's issue on a bi-annual basis.


[Last updated: October 1, 2023]