About the Journal


Aim and Objective

The LASSIJ aims to publish original, innovative, and quality research on liberal arts (liberal studies—liberal sciences) and allied fields/themes of social sciences. We welcome various research types, including empirical studies, theoretical analyses, and literature reviews. The LASSIJ provides a publication platform following an eminent standard of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research to national and international academics, researchers, scholars, and scientists worldwide.

Scope and Focus

LASSIJ's primary scope encompasses interdisciplinary themes centred around liberal arts (liberal studies—liberal sciences), critical studies, policy studies, and cultural studies. We extend our coverage to relevant themes and integrated studies from allied fields of social sciences, arts, humanities, and administrative sciences. At LASSIJ, we foster a collaborative environment, encouraging the pooling of knowledge from multiple disciplines to address complex problems and generate new understandings. With an editorial board comprising renowned scholars and experts in liberal arts and social sciences, LASSIJ is the ideal platform for scholars to contribute their interdisciplinary work, ensuring a diverse and enriching academic discourse.

As an international journal, LASSIJ primarily focuses on quality manuscripts on global themes and comparative studies of Pakistan and other countries/regions. Publishing in LASSIJ offers several benefits, including reaching an international audience, gaining recognition in academia and the practice field, and contributing to advancing knowledge in the liberal arts and social sciences. In addition, LASSIJ also prioritises solo or co-authored studies by foreign-affiliated scholars on local or international themes. The priorities of LASSIJ enable the platform to share research with a global audience, gain recognition in academia and the practice field, and contribute to advancing knowledge in the liberal arts and allied fields of social sciences.

Publication Frequency

The frequency/schedule of publication of LASSIJ is biannual/semi-annual (January-June and July-December). We uphold rigorous quality standards through our editorial review and peer-review process. After acceptance, the manuscript is sent to our production team for editing and layouts. When finalised, a PDF of the galley is uploaded on the official website as a published version. All the published articles are gathered together into the journal's issue on a bi-annual basis. This thorough review process, which includes multiple layers of scrutiny from our editorial board and external reviewers, ensures that our work meets the highest standards of quality and integrity, giving the authors confidence that their research is published on the right platform.


[Last updated: July 10, 2024]