About the Journal


The aim of LASSIJ-IDEA is to publish original, innovative, and quality research in the disciplines of liberal studies (liberal arts), social sciences, and allied fields.


The objective of LASSIJ-IDEA is to provide a platform of publication following an eminent standard of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research to national and international academics, researchers, scholars, and scientists across the world. 


The basic scope of LASSIJ-IDEA is the disciplines of liberals studies (liberal sciences), and social sciences. The extended scope covers quality articles from allied fields of humanities studies and management studies. LASSIJ-IDEA believes that the inclusion of multiple fields and disciplines helps pool the knowledge from two or more fields of study to handle better-suited problems by finding solutions established on the new understandings.

Area Focus

The area/region-wise focus of LASSIJ-IDEA is all continents of the world.

Thematic Focus

LASSIJ-IDEA encourages international academics, researchers, and scholars to submit original/quality research and review articles with a special focus on the following fields/subjects:

  1. Political Economy; Economic Policy; Development Economics; Regulatory Economics; Global Economy; International Political Economy
  2. Public Finance; Fiscal Policy; Budgetary Policy; Monetary Policy; Monetary Economics
  3. Political Geography; Economic Geography; Critical Geopolitics; Human Geography; Urban and Regional Planning
  4. Environmental Politics; Environmental Policy; Politics of Climate Change; Political Economy of Climate Change; Political Ecology 
  5. Public Administration; Public Policy Analysis; Public Management; Good Governance; Democratic Governance; Decentralisation
  6. Comparative Politics; Domestic Politics; Political Developments; Political Institutions; Political Systems
  7. International Relations; International Politics; Global Politics; Global Studies; Global Affairs; International Affairs 
  8. Political Theory; Political Philosophy; Political Thought; Legal Theory; Normative Political Theory; Political Ideology
  9. Public Law; Constitutional Law; Statutes; Administrative Law; Criminal Law; Tax Law; Political Law
  10. Peace and Conflict Studies; Conflict Management; Conflict Resolution; Defence and Strategic Studies; War and Security Studies
  11. Political Islam; Islamic Democracy; Islamism; Islamic Fundamentalism; Islamic Law and Shariah; Islamic Political Theory
  12. Political Anthropology; Social Anthropology; Cultural Anthropology; Development Anthropology; Economic Anthropology; Legal Anthropology
  13. Political Sociology; Sociology of Politics; Political Socialisation; Political Organisation; Economic Sociology; Sociology of Law
  14. Legal Studies; Criminology; Criminal Justice; Critical Studies; Feminism; Gender; Human Rights
  15. Political Communication; Political Information; Violence and War Journalism; Conflict and Peace Journalism; Social Engineering (information security) 
  16. Political History of the World; Human History; Political History of Islam (empire & states); Political History of South Asia (British India)
  17. Politics of Education; Politics in Education; Education Politics; Peace Education; Gender Education; Economics of Education (education economics)
  18. Political Literature; Literature of Politics; Politics in Literature; Economics in Literature; Political Linguistics; Economic Linguistics; Political Poetry; Poetry of Politics; Poetry of Economics
  19. Political Psychology; Economic Psychology; Legal Psychology; Social Psychology; Behavioural Economics


[Last updated: January 2, 2023]