About the Journal


LASSIJ-IDEA is committed to publishing original, innovative and quality research in the fields of liberal studies from multiple disciplines of arts, humanities, social studies, and management studies.


The primary objective of LASSIJ-IDEA is to provide a platform of publication following an eminent standard of research to the international researchers, scholars, scientists and professionals of liberal sciences across the globe. 


The primary scope of LASSIJ-IDEA is political and economic studies from the disciplines of arts, humanities, social studies, and management studies. The extended scope of LASSIJ-IDEA covers quality articles from all allied fields/sub-fields/subjects of the above-mentioned disciplines. The inclusion of multiple fields and disciplines helps in pooling the knowledge from two or more fields of study to handle better-suited problems by finding solutions established on the new understandings. LASSIJ-IDEA encourages international academics, researchers and scholars to submit original/quality research and review articles with a special focus on the following fields/subjects:

  1. Political Economy; Economic Policy; Development Economics; Regulatory Economics; Global Economy; International Political Economy
  2. Public Finance; Fiscal Policy; Budgetary Policy; Monetary Policy; Monetary Economics
  3. Political Geography; Economic Geography; Critical Geopolitics; Human Geography; Urban and Regional Planning
  4. Environmental Politics; Environmental Policy; Politics of Climate Change; Political Economy of Climate Change; Political Ecology 
  5. Public Administration; Public Policy Analysis; Public Management; Good Governance; Democratic Governance; Decentralisation
  6. Comparative Politics; Domestic Politics; Political Developments; Political Institutions; Political Systems
  7. International Relations; International Politics; Global Politics; Global Studies; Global Affairs; International Affairs 
  8. Political Theory; Political Philosophy; Political Thought; Legal Theory; Normative Political Theory; Political Ideology
  9. Public Law; Constitutional Law; Statutes; Administrative Law; Criminal Law; Tax Law; Political Law
  10. Peace and Conflict Studies; Conflict Management; Conflict Resolution; Defence and Strategic Studies; War and Security Studies
  11. Political Islam; Islamic Democracy; Islamism; Islamic Fundamentalism; Islamic Law and Shariah; Islamic Political Theory
  12. Political Anthropology; Social Anthropology; Cultural Anthropology; Development Anthropology; Economic Anthropology; Legal Anthropology
  13. Political Sociology; Sociology of Politics; Political Socialisation; Political Organisation; Economic Sociology; Sociology of Law
  14. Legal Studies; Criminology; Criminal Justice; Critical Studies; Feminism; Gender; Human Rights
  15. Political Communication; Political Information; Violence and War Journalism; Conflict and Peace Journalism; Social Engineering (information security) 
  16. Political History of the World; Human History; Political History of Islam (empire & states); Political History of South Asia (British India)
  17. Politics of Education; Politics in Education; Education Politics; Peace Education; Gender Education; Economics of Education (education economics)
  18. Political Literature; Literature of Politics; Politics in Literature; Economics in Literature; Political Linguistics; Economic Linguistics; Political Poetry; Poetry of Politics; Poetry of Economics
  19. Political Psychology; Economic Psychology; Legal Psychology; Social Psychology; Behavioural Economics

Last updated: January 5, 2022