About the Journal


Aim and Objective

The JHSMS distinguishes itself by providing a unique publication platform that upholds an eminent standard of interdisciplinary research. We are deeply committed to diversity and inclusion, a commitment that is reflected in our aim to publish original, innovative, quality research in management sciences, economic sciences, accounting, behavioural sciences, human studies, human services, and allied fields/themes. This platform is open to national and international academics, researchers, scholars, and scientists, offering them a global stage to enhance the visibility and impact of their quality research, ensuring that all research is valued.

Scope and Thematic Focus

The JHSMS's primary scope encompasses various fields, including management science, economics, finance, business administration, human resource management, marketing, accounting, commerce, entrepreneurship, hospitality management, behavioural science, human studies, human services, educational studies, and sports sciences. Our extended coverage includes relevant themes and integrated studies of the allied fields of the social sciences, arts, and humanities fields. This inclusive approach fosters a culture of research collaboration, welcoming and encouraging the inclusion of multiple fields and disciplines. In this academic environment, we pool knowledge discovered by scholars with innovative solutions based on new understandings, making the researchers feel a part of our community.

Publication Frequency

The JHSMS adheres to a biannual publication schedule (January-June and July-December). Our editorial review is a comprehensive process that meticulously evaluates the research's originality, relevance, and quality. The rigorous peer-review process, involving feedback from at least three field experts, ensures that only the highest quality research is published, providing our readers with a sense of assurance about the quality of the research they are reading. Once accepted, the article is sent to our production team for editing and layouts. The team ensures the article is formatted according to the journal's guidelines and is ready for publication. The finalised galley is then uploaded as a PDF on the JHSMS website, and all published manuscripts are gathered into the journal's issue bi-annually.


[Last updated: July 14, 2024]