About the Journal


Aim and Objective

AJSET aims to publish original, innovative, and quality research articles in sciences, engineering, technology, and allied fields focusing on Asia and adjacent regions. AJSET provides a publication platform that follows an eminent standard of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research for academics, researchers, scholars, and scientists of national and international reputation.

Scope and Thematic Focus

AJSET's primary scope encompasses sciences, engineering sciences, and technology studies. We also extend our reach to include earth sciences, computational, numerical, chemical, biological, health, and allied sciences. Our publishing approach is that the inclusion of multiple disciplines fosters a collaborative environment, pooling knowledge from various fields to tackle complex problems and find innovative solutions.

Area/Regional Focus

AJSET's area/regional focus is primarily Asia, but we also welcome comparative studies that explore the unique aspects of Asia in relation to other regions, fostering a deeper understanding of global scientific and technological advancements. 


[Last updated: June 05, 2024]